Ring does not record after midnight

I have had my wireless spotlight camera for around a year and have had zero success of any recordings/notifications during the night

Same as everyone else…no recordings after 10pm until around 6am. Car was broken into the other night. Zero footage!
Obviously they can’t figure it out after over a year it seems so probably time to move on.

I am also facing the same issue nor recording after midnight till 6:00 am , So many people are reporting this issue, that means definitely there is a problem. I am surprised with the answer from Ring.

Same issue. No nighttime recordings after 10pm until dawn. If one walks right up to the camera, it might record for a second or two. This issue began after Amazon acquired Ring and hasn’t been resolved in over a year and 1/2. additionally, camera on doorbell decides when and if to record at all. Disgusting waste of money. Looking for a new wireless product that actually performs as advertised.

Same issue for some time. So frustrating

So many people having this problem and ring hasn’t really acknowledged or looked into it. That’s bad business.