Ring does not record after midnight

I’m having the same problem. I’m ready to ditch Ring and go with a different device. The customer service is no help at all.


I’ve had a Ring doorbell for 18 months and it worked fine until about a month ago. Now, like many others, I see that it stops recording at midnight. Every night. It stays off until I walk past the camera in the morning. A security camera that doesn’t record overnight is useless. I haven’t changed any settings, yet it has stopped recording at exactly midnight. The “fixes” Ring has suggested in this thread haven’t made a difference.


Mine has had the same issue, I have called Ring several times to troubleshoot and they keep doing the same steps with no success. They finally replaced my doorbell camera 2 and it doesn’t record at night either. I will be contacting an attorneys office to address this issue further as this device does NOT do what it promises and is obsolete.


I’m having the same problem. NOTHING they suggested is working. I’m ready to switch to a different manufacturer.


I’m in the UK near Manchester. Our Doorbell doesn’t record after midnight until about 06.30. I know my milkman comes around 4am and used to be able to see a recording of him but not seen anything for months now. What’s the point of this doorbell camera if it doesn’t catch anybody outside our door when we are in bed?? I’m thinking of changing from RING.


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Installed spotlight cam yesterday. Doesn’t record between midnight and 7am. Doorbell and floodlight cam are fine. Hoping for a solution!!!

I’m having the same problem. I have 6 ring security cams and they have all stopped recording at night. They worked fine for two years. I’m sure the criminals now know that ring doesn’t work at night. Yet no one at ring is correcting this problem. We should all get our money back. I’m sensing a nice big fat lawsuit against this product.


I have two camera systems. This is happening with both ring and ADT. THIS is really strange !!

I have the same issues. I disabled modes and removed the schedule even if it wasn’t enabled. Still not getting any recordings during the night

I have seen same issue with my Ring floodlight camera. It doesn’t sense or record anything from 12-6am. I reached out to Ring technical support team but they have no clue or skills to troubleshoot this. This has been a recent issue and as it’s consistently not working between same hours, I believe it is due to a bug with Ring software. What good is a security camera if it doesn’t sense, alert, or record anything at the night time? Anyone having a better luck with any other cameras? I won’t mind switching.

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I have the same problem

I have the same problem, just bought the new Ring spotlight, recording worked for 1st month overnight, now nothing btw 10pm-8am, very frustrating.

I’ve been noticing this issue my self with a stick up cam. On Ring Web i got a message somewhat like this: a plan or trial was not active at the time this event took place. Stops recording video btwn 10 pm and about 5 am. Logs that there was motion but does not record any video. Works fine rest of the day

Nothing records after midnight, it’s really pissing me off, I am going to find another company that provides the right service.

I am having the same issue and non of the recommendations work! We got our house and cars egged last week and it didn’t capture it! I’m truly P!ssed off! And currently looking for another service. And I’m a paying customer!

Same problem here … 4 cameras huge gap at night. What a disappointment… may just scrap it all request money back. Needs to be fixed

Had a package stolen last night, then noticed none of our three Ring cams are recording anything between about 9pm and 6am. Pretty disappointed to have cameras that don’t work at night.

Same problem, have a repeat trespasser that was not recorded 2 nights in a row by the Ring but was picked up by another camera.

I have the same issue! Have you figured out how to fix it?