Ring does not record after midnight

Hi I just set up my ring security camera last night. This morning I noticed nothing recorded after midnight. What is going on? I have the protection plan trial.

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Hi @Kdl8341! As long as you are subscribed or still within trial period, and a motion event was captured, there should be a recording with it. The best first step is to check your motion settings such as zones, sensitivity, modes (if enabled), people only mode, and more. These settings can be found by visiting the Ring app, opening the menu, selecting devices, choosing the desired Ring device, and navigating through Device Settings and Motion Settings on the page.

Wifi signal is also important for the intended operation and communication of events and recordings. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimizing this signal connection strength. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I’ve had ring security and cameras for quite a while, and only recently did I discover there are never any recordings after midnight. I have one camera that watches my corner and gets triggered by traffic (which is what I want - it actually caught someone stealing signs,) but now I’ve noticed that it doesn’t record between midnight-6am. I can 100% guarantee there is traffic during those hours. So I did what any Ring owner would do: I installed a 2nd camera on that area. I wake up this morning and check…same thing happens! Nothing between midnight and 6am! Support hasn’t offered any real solutions as of yet, but if this isn’t resolved, it would mean the cameras are useless for actual security. An issue considering I have invested in a Ring alarm and 6 cameras.


We’ve noticed the same. Although our’s seems to stop recording about 2200 and not start until 0700.

I’ve disabled ‘modes’ as I thought this may be the issue, but still the same. It must be due to an update.

Hi to the community – I have to agree that it must be due to some update that came through – our Ring camera has also shown the same “bug” lately ( at least within the last week ) that it seems to “stop” recording after 9:30pm - 10pm at night – then suddenly it starts up again after 6am - 6:30am. We have a Gig Speed Internet and brand new Eero6 routers throughout the house and have double checked the upload and download speed which surpasses the “minimum” requirement on the device. We need this to be fixed – recording at night is the most important thing.

I’ve been experiencing the same issue for the last two months, but didn’t have the issue previously, so following to see if things get resolved or anyone offers a solution.

I’m having the same issue where my ring will stop working at around 10 at night and starts working again around 5 am…

Mine is the same - it stopped a couple of months ago, it had been working fine until then.

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I also have the same issue. Used to record through the night but the last few months it stops from 23.00 until around 7.30. Definitely movement through that time so I also need to resolve.

Hi there, neighbors! As long as you are subscribed or still within trial period, and a motion event was captured, there should be a recording with it. Motion scheduling is the best setting to check first, as well as modes, to ensure there are not any time frames or modes that might be preventing motion detection/ recording. The best test of motion capturing during a specified time frame, is to personally move or create consistent movement in front of the Camera that would normally be picked up. If all settings are optimal, this motion should be detected. If motion does not detect, initiate a live view to ensure the Camera is only and the area is viewable at night.

If this concern persists, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Has ring been able to explain this? Mine started doing the same thing in December and I thought I was crazy- but I watched a car go by and none of my from cameras caught it.

My ring stickup cam is not recording overnight. I’ve checked all the settings, it used to record overnight till I added a AC adapter. Now it doesn’t record from about midnight to 7 am

I just went back and checked all my videos. Our ring has stopped recording every night from 9pm to 5am since December. This is ridiculous, we pay for this service and nothing. Apparently RING doesn’t care after looking at all the comments. What a joke… Don’t buy this service, you get nothing. Several car breaking in our neighborhood and our ring goes to sleep. Milk delivery at 3am, nothing in the ring. But from 5am to 9pm you get everything. And Yes all the setting are correct. Wow, no customer support or service. Buy else ware so you don’t have to go through this. Very disappointed!!!

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I have the same issue - how has Ring not solved this? A security cam disabled during night is pretty useless.

Stop telling people this. It’s a problem many are having. Me also, I’ve been on the phone with them several times they’ve sent me two replacement cams. I’m waiting on third cam now but second cam had the same problem.

They just sent me a third cam replacement. We’ll see how it does.

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Sorry to hear this concern is still persisting for some! My prior response has some great steps for resolving this concern. It looks like most neighbors here have checked motion settings such as motion scheduling. As a reminder, remember to check on your Modes feature settings. I recommend also checking your event history via another mobile device, or by logging in at Ring.com via web browser, just to confirm events are indeed not logging on your Ring account at all. Please also confirm your Protect Plan subscription is active.

Other than considering the usual motion settings and wifi connection variables, please also ensure the environment is not a factor. All of our devices have an operating temperature requirement, such as our Spotlight Camera Wired’s operating temperature range of -22°F to 120°F (-30°C to 48.5°C) or the Spotlight Camera Battery range of -5°F to 120°F (-20.5°C to 48.5°C). Please keep these temperatures in mind if you region experiences extreme weather conditions. Here is our help center article which also described how cold weather can impact a battery powered device.

As stated above,

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It looks like I’m not the only person getting frustrated about this new discovery. My Ring doorbell has failed me for the third time last night (or rather this morning).

I literally had things stolen from my house right in front of the Ring camera (Video Doorbell 2) and it did not record ANYTHING during that time (after midnight), but recorded everything else after 5am.

This is not the first time. A month ago someone cracked my glass door and I had no evidence of it because it conveniently did not record during that time.

Do not tell me to check my modes features. My modes are disabled. Do not tell me to check if my subscription is active, because it is still recording everything else except during that time. I have also logged in via browser to check my Ring recordings. Nothing was recorded. My doorbell is also wired and therefore has 100% battery all the time.

What is the point of me getting a Ring doorbell when it is not serving its one and only purpose for me?

I would appreciate a reply that isn’t pushing the blame to my settings or some vague answer. If this was a bug or a mistake in a recent update, please state so or I will have to assume that this is a “special feature” of Ring video doorbells and will be obligated to warn all my peers against this as I swap out my own doorbell for a more reliable one.


I am also having this problem. Are there any updates?

I’m having the same problem. I’m ready to ditch Ring and go with a different device. The customer service is no help at all.

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