Ring does not detect a thief

The ring câmara door bell did not detect someone who came and stole a package from my porch. It gave just a shot in one second, and two seconds later, it shows the package and person gone. However, it detected the post man putting the package on the rug, walking away, even when he was in my front door neighbor. But the thief, just one snap shot from when she was getting into the porch! So frustrating! Is there something I am missing on settings to get the important things, not all the cats from the neighborhood?

Sorry to hear about this, @Dr.K! As motion caught the package delivery, it should certainly capture any visitor coming to your door. A common setting that neighbors will find success with when needing more consistent or back to back motion, is Motion Frequency. I recommend also testing your other motion settings through trial and error, for fine tuning, to see what works best when you test it. If there are any stairs leading up to your entryway, a wedge kit accessory can help with Doorbell angling, and can be found on the accessories page at Ring.com. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: