Ring DnD Override is Broken on Android 14

Our phones were recently upgraded to Android 14. I often have Do Not Disturb enabled on my phone when I’m on call so I can filter out unwanted alerts. Previously the Ring Emergency Critical Alerts (such as my Ring Alarm going off) were the only alert that would come through when the phones were set to DnD. Motion alerts would not emit the notification sound (if my sound is on) or cause the phone to vibrate (if the phone was set to vibrate).

After the Android 14 update, all Ring alerts (motion events, mailbox, any/all alert) are alerting on our phones when DnD is enabled. It shouldn’t work like this and instead only alert on ‘critical alerts’ such as the alarm going off or cellular backup when DnD is on.

If I remove the Ring app from the DnD ‘allowed apps’ then I’m unable to enable emergency alerts in the Ring app. It will allow me to toggle the permission on, but it never shows as On in the Ring app. This of course removes the unwanted motion alerts but I won’t receive any critical alerts either.

This worked fine in all previous versions of Android up until 14. Both affected phones are Samsung S21+'s. Reinstalling the Ring app did not fix the problem.

I’ve made a YT Short showing the problem:

Bumping this. Can this please be passed on to development to fix? The embedded video details the exact issue probably better than anyone (including myself) could verbally explain to support.

Ring, Please help - I agree this is now a problem. Please have development fix.

When DND is enabled on Android 14, you continue to receive camera motion alerts. Prior it was ALARM only. Need dev team to fix back to the way it was on V13 Android


C’mon Ring. Anyone familiar with the Ring app should have no issue understanding this issue.

Hi neighbors. Thank you for sharing this information. I am working with my team to have this looked into. When I have an update, I will make sure to provide it here.

Hi neighbors. I have received an update, and it looks like this concern is happening because of a limitation issue with Android 14 on Samsung. I would recommend reaching out to Samsung support to see if there are any additional steps you can take to get this to work like it did before updating to Android 14.

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I tested today and I think it is all fixed. Please check you setup and report back in but I think it is fixed!

OK - I did another test, and you are right, not yet fixed


Not fixed here. Re-enabled the Ring app permission for DnD and still get camera motion alerts when DnD is on when I should only get critical alarm alerts.

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