Ring did not capture My dog being attacked

Good evening,
I need help understanding Ring and its customer “care” policy. I have called numerous times but no one picks up the phone. Chat, is a nightmare that took me NO-WHERE. My dog got mauled by someone’s dog on Saturday, October 15. I have the Ring Doorbell Camera which has been capturing everything on a daily every two minutes; however, the moment that my dog was attacked and that apparently; according to one of my neighbors, the other dog’s owner was standing in front of my vehicle calling his dog (right in front of the Ring) was not captured. There is an interval of about one hour from the moment let my dog out to walk. Every time something happens in front of my house and there are moments of cheer significance, those moments are not capture by Ring. My account was auto-paid; it was rather easy for Ring to do that, but my phone calls remain unanswered as well as chats. I need to have a manager contact me via email please. This is not acceptable.

Hi @Fabulouslite67. This is the Ring Community, a neighbor-to-neighbor support forum. The support team does not monitor this forum, and no account-specific concerns can be resolved here. For account-specific concerns, in-depth troubleshooting assistance, or when trying to reach a manager, you’ll have to contact our support team. We have this Help Center page here with the available numbers to contact our support team depending on your region.