Ring devices slow down the internet speed

After installing Ring wired cam, the 2.4GHz network speed drop from 5X GHz to 0.1 GHz. It was not a must drop immediately. It could happen one or two days after.

Have done a lot of testing to remove different devices. It is pretty sure that Ring wired cam caused the slowdown of 2.4 GHz internet speed.

Is there anyone know how to fix it?
Change to use 5GHz network is NOT an option.
Is the cam hacked?
It is very hot even no one using live view.

Is it possible to do a real reset of the cam?
The so-called reset by pressing the button on the cam does not really reset the cam. After deleting the cam from the app and reinstalling the cam, the removed data still show in the app.

Hi @9375ca5f442308aeacb8c4978c512a. It sounds like you might have some congestion on your network. I would ensure that your router is configured to the ports and protocols that Ring uses. This Help Center article here will cover that info. Also, you may want to use an app that identifies which WiFi channels will work best for your network.