Ring devices drop connection and do not automatically reconnect to WIFI

I have ring gen 3 stick up cams on my network that seem to drop WIFI and do not automatically reconnect. Instead, it requires that I be present at each camera to push the orange button to bring the cam into a setup mode to reconnect. Let me tell you, this is not practical, very much irritating.

I also have Reolink Argus 3 Pro and Argus PT cams on my outdoor WIFI network, that all do just fine, reconnect in the event there is an intermittent WIFI disruption or disconnect, which is very rare, if at all. They have been tested and do reconnect themselves if there is an interruption.

My network is Ubiquiti Unifi for indoor WIFI, and Ubiquiti Rocket M UISP POE devices for out outdoor connectivity on Omni directional antennas. I have clear line of site coverage to all outdoor sites and devices for up to 30km distance from my two towers. All output WIFI signal strength is at 90 to 100% dBm. Both WIFI towers are battery backed up in event of any power outage, with solar override systems to keep batteries at charge. This system is highly stable.

Of all the outdoor cameras I have, the Reolink cameras have been proven to be 100% trouble free. The Ring cams have been the most problematic cameras.

Ring needs to FIX their FIRMWARE so that these disconnects don’t happen in the event of a brief WIFI outage or any sort of disruption! Network reconnection to WIFI should be handled automatically, immediately when the WIFI becomes available after any sort of disruption. This has been a problem for Ring for many years now.

While I am not the average homeowner with an elaborate indoor and outdoor WIFI systems, I do have knowledge about these products. I will continue to use what Ring cameras I do have, though not sure I will consider future purchases due to their shortcomings when disruptions do occur with Ring devices.

Fix your firmware problems.

Hi @c60953841c99cb008b8d. Your Ring cameras should automatically reconnect to your WiFi network if, for some reason, they have been disconnected. With the cold weather we’ve been having lately, I’ve had quite a few power outages, and all of my Ring products have automatically reconnected once power has been restored, as this is the expected behavior. Are your devices connected to a 2.4GHz or a 5GHz network? What is the RSSI in the Device Health menu of the Ring app for the devices that are not reconnecting? Does your router have automatic switching between the 2 WiFi bands? We’d love to help you with your concern, we just need this relevant information to do so. Thanks, neighbor.