Ring device steady light ON but not able to get it connected to Wifi

My ring device stopping working right after one year. Contacted customer service and they are not able to get the Video door bell out of idle mode. They are not able to get me any replacement as it is just one month over the one year standard warranty. I am not a happy customer. Device is still powered up but went into idle mode and they are claiming that they can see it but cannot get it out of idle mode.

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Has anybody else experienced similar issues? I hate to spend money for a new device when the existing is only 14 months old. Looking for some advise

our internet is not communicating with the Ring app at all. Your internet connection is too slow to provide a decent signal to your Ring device . If you are unable to access other websites, your mobile device may be disconnected Check your router and make sure all of the lights on the front of the device are green.