Ring device keeps saying motion and missed ring when no one there

Need help, rang ring had to wait 30 min, the guy was very helpful but problem still not resolved.
My door bell keeps notifications saying missed ring or motion… no one there very frustrating

Jaxs68 -

Can you be more specific? For example:

  • Is this a brand new doorbell?
  • Has this doorbell ever worked well?
  • Which model of Ring doorbell to you have?
  • Is the doorbell battery-powered (rather than wired)?
  • Is the doorbell a 2nd Gen (rather than 1st Gen) model?
  • Is a video clip created each time a notification says “missed ring”?
    • Is there any chance someone actually rang your doorbell, then left?
  • If you walk up the sidewalk to your front door and ring the doorbell:
    • Do you hear the Ring doorbell “ring” while standing in front of it?
    • Does the resulting video clip show you walking up to the door, then ringing the doorbell?
  • Is a video clip created each time a notification indicates that “motion” has occurred?
    • Is there any chance that the “motion” is being triggered by something other than a person?
  • Do you, by any chance, use Ring’s End-to-End Encryption feature on the doorbell? If so, are you aware that there is no “pre-roll” activity included at the beginning of each video clip? (Many Ring users might be very surprised at how much activity can occur during those “missing” seconds.)
  • Even if you don’t use Ring’s End-to-End Encryption, is it possible that the recording of each video clip begins so late that it’s often not clear what triggered the creation of a video clip?
  • Do the problems tend to occur:
    • During the day
    • At night
  • Do you have fairly strong/fast/stable WiFi upload/download speeds?
  • What is the RSSI listed under “Device Health” in the Ring app?
  • Do you use a mesh router?
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The android notifications are slow to get to cell 0hone needs fixing