Ring deletes my posts immediately

Why does Ring Neighbors website/app keep deleting my posts immediately after posting? I have tried several times. Why would they delete my posts? A man was hiding in my bushes and fled when neighbor confronted him. Ring keeps deleting. Why??!

Had this problem too when I posted someone loitering in my driveway they said it didn’t meet community guidelines to post on the neighbors app.

Yes, they’ve been deleting about any post that involves a human’s bad or criminal behavior. Which defeats its initial purpose.
I don’t bother going there any more.

Hi neighbors! Typically when a post is removed from the Neighbors App, it’s because it doesn’t fall within the Neighbors App Community Guidelines. Whenever a post is removed, you should receive an email about your post - you’ll want to respond to this email for more information on why your post was removed, as we do not have access to that information here. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: