Ring deletes doorbell for no reason

Hi there
Not having opened the App for a few months, I have still received pop up alerts when there is activity.
Then I made the mistake to open the App. It forced me to add a two step authentication. I did not ask for this.
I could not access the App without doing so. So succumbed to the pressure and added this method.
Now I have signed in, the App has deleted the ring doorbell that used to be there.

Any chance you can fix this corrupted code?
Perhaps these basic strategies that you implement should be tested before launching to the public.

Obviously since there isn’t a rash of people posting in these forums about the issue you are seeing it obviously was tested and works for most people, myself included. It’s probably best when seeking assistance to just stick to the facts and leave the conjecture at home.
If the Doorbell isn’t showing up in your app now it’s likely because you setup a brand new account where the doorbell hasn’t been added to.
So either you can go back to your previous account and setup 2FA or add the doorbell to your new account that you created. I Would Like to Take Over/Change Ownership of Ring Devices – Ring Help
Speaking of 2FA you should actually be grateful a security company puts your account’s security above convenience.
If none of the above work for you then reach out to Support as only they have access to your account info https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/213608406-Contact-Us Be aware wait times are long.

Good luck!