Ring DB did not record porch pirate

My Ring DB recorded USPS delivering a package to my front door at 7:44 am. My wife went to the front door at 9:40 am and there was no package. Reviews of motion did not record anything between the 7:44 am delivery and 9:40 am. The package was too heavy for the wind to move it.

Why did Ring not record the Porch Pirate? RSSI-40

Hi @RingKen80. I’m sorry to hear about your package being stolen and I hope you’re able to receive a replacement. Since there is no video of the event, I don’t want to try and speculate what happened as it would be an educated guess at best due to a lack of information. The RSSI you shared indicates a stable connection, so I’d recommend verifying that all your motion settings are tailored to your liking. Depending on which model of Doorbell you have, you may also have access to the Package Alerts feature with an active Ring Protect subscription.

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