Ring db 2: Won't detect motion unless right in front


I have the Ring Doorbell 2020 model/gen 2 that can run on battery but I have it hardwired. Everything seems to be working fine except one thing. It won’t detect motion that isn’t directly in front of the doorbell! I have the broadest motion settings possible:

Sensitivity: MAX
People only mode:OFF
Motion frequency: FREQUENTLY
Custom zones: OFF

I don’t know what else to do… My drive way is in the range of the doorbell but I’ve walked it, drove up and down it, had others try and still didn’t pick up movement…

Hi @Crys. Could this be due to your Mode Settings? Mode Settings can affect how your Doorbell is behaves. You can learn more about Mode Settings here. Also, try toggling OFF your Record Motion setting, then toggle it back on. Let me know if this helps.