Ring Dashboard browser notifications


When are the browser notifications launching on the Ring Website using Chrome to restore the lost feature from the Ring PC app?

The website above on your support centre up until a few days ago said browser notifications were launching 26th August however today on the 26th surprise surprise it now it just says “coming soon”. You can see this if you browse the weblink from the Internet Archive.

While I was pleased to see live view was now available it seems kind of pointless if you do not have notifications for doorbell alerts.

I find the lack of information shared from Ring to it’s users disappointing and annoyed by the new direction you seem to be taking and hope to get an actual answer rather then “check here for updates” or vague responses back from the forum team.


I depend on the windows 10 app to monitor my front door. I will not be able to stay logged into a web site for my doorbell and I won’t be using my phone for that. When I am working on my computer I use headphones and currently able to get rung notifications thru them. Now that the windows 10 app is being phased out the ring doorbell is of little to no use for me. I will have to find an alternative.

When is this happening for Safari? I need this too as I was getting it on the Ring app.

Hi @user5741. The article shared in the first post shows that this is on track for “End of January 2022”. I hope that helps.