Ring Dash Cam only Downloads 20 sec clips

Can you only download 20 second clips from the car dash cam? And when you do, where do you go to find the downloaded videos???


I’m as shocked as you. Being able to download video stored on the dash cam is basic functionality. This has to be a bug.

No way they’d ask anyone to pay $6 a month for this thing.


Doesn’t work on mine either. Never uploads and I never get a notification

I know, that is why i put in for a return on amazon. I am very disappointed in the new car cam. Ring was trying to get me to change my amazon review. I told them, it’s not changing until you fix it.


Hi neighbors. Currently, you can only download 20-second segments of a drive event, which are locally stored on Car Cam. Here’s how to select a specific segment to download:

• Open the desired drive event (or select on your Event Timeline)
• Select the start location of the clip.
• Click More (…) » Download » Agree & Continue » Wait for video to process.

Your video will be processed and the Ring app will notify you when the clip is ready for download. Typically, downloaded videos will appear in the photo library of most phones. If there is a separate section for videos, you’ll want to check this. If you’re unable to download clips from a drive event and the Car Cam is online, please follow up with our support team at one of the numbers available here.

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OMG! This is one of the most amateurishly rushed product debuts from a major company I have ever witnessed! I was set to order a Ring Car Cam based on the product promotions and videos. A closer inspection reveals that this product is basically a poorly designed, bug-ridden Alpha/Tradeshow Demo. product. It seems as though the BBB or FTC should be notified.


Seriously this is a disaster. Twenty seconds is useless.

Very disappointed in the 20 sec restriction - should be at the least available over WiFi only… only workaround is to play/stream video and screen record on phone - downside is sitting through long videos.

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From what I understand, it’s not only the 20 second limitation that’s absurd, we need to pay the $6 a month (plus any overage charges) to get [our] original recording!

Whatever team or higher-up decided to generate this revenue stream (or subscription fee) needs to be FIRED! It’s one thing to let users opt into LTE access, it’s another to be held over the barrel. No other offering requires this fee like Ring (as I’m aware of).

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This is pathetic. Was not clearly disclosed when purchased. Basically it said you have to be on Wi-Fi for full access! Not true! One star review being left now!

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