Ring contact sensors without base station?


Is it possible to use the contact sensors with Alexa without the base station? I am not looking to use these as an intruder alarm, but rather as an immediate notification if my curious little ones open a door. We have 2 Echo show devices and many echo dots spread throughout the house. I’d like to set a routine similar to one previously set for my Ring doorbell where Alexa “announces” to all devices that “Front door (or any of my other doors) has bees opened”. Has anyone tried this or happen to know if it’s possible? Thank you in advance!

Hi @Manykids. You would need the Base Station in order to use any of the Ring Alarm components such as the Contact Sensors. The Ring Alarm components utilize z-wave to connect to the Base Station, and the Base Station uses wifi to communicate information to you via the Ring App. Without the Base Station, the alarm components have nothing to connect to. I hope that helps! :slight_smile: