Ring Contact Sensor won't connect 1st gen

Hello, I have been unable to reconnect a contact sensor. It sent out a tamper alert in the middle of the night for no reason as it was not tampered with. I disconnected it and then reconnected it a few days later. It lasted about a week and the tamper alert went out with no tampering taking place. I disconnected the sensor again and have been unable to reconnect it. I have followed all tutorials and guides for reconnecting a sensor and nothing has worked. I have replaced the battery and still nothing. I have a range extender about 5 feet from this failed sensor. Is it possible the sensor is defective?

I’m having the exact same problem with 2 of mine.

Hey @gkapral and @Cdrive911. What type of material are the Contact Sensors mounted on, and what is the approximate distance between the sensors and the Base Station? There could be a few different reasons why a sensor may not be connecting which could be related to distance or other causes of interference, but I’d recommend checking out some basic troubleshooting steps here to start.

Mounted on a wood frame window downstairs from the base station maybe 20 linear feet. I also have two range extenders set up, one is within five feet of the sensor. I have also already gone through the troubleshooting that the app sends me to. I took the sensor off of the window and have it right next to the base station and it still won’t connect.

I tried removing the z wave device through the base station as removing the sensor itself doesn’t seem to work. Go to devices, base station, click gear, advanced options, z wave protocol, remove z wave device. Important, click remove device not reset network. If you click reset network all your devices will be removed. The next steps are more involved. Search the ring site for troubleshooting. I found an article about trouble shooting a motion detector. A little ways down you will find the procedure to remove a z wave device. This just worked for me and I was able to reconnect the sensor. Apparently the problems I have been having with the sensor were due to the firmware being out of date.

Hope this helps.

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