Ring constantly disconnects from wifi

So I had a issue with the ring since I bought it. Were it wouldn’t stay connected to the wifi. So I was sent out a chime pro. Well now the chime pro has to be reset almost once a week. And I tried connecting my ring to the wifi directly and it constantly disconnects. I even connect it to the chime pro and it still does the same thing. I ready to just give up on ring all together. I just reset it about 10 min ago and it’s offline again. Single strength is full on every device I own in that location. No dropouts or anything. Did my ring and chime just stop working or is this normal?

It is an issue with ring system servers and the way it controls the devices. This happened 2 days ago and they posted on the system status page that a fix was placed but it is still an issue. I have the same problem with my doorbell pro. My floodlight cam is working fine

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Awesome! Thank you!!!