Ring.com live view video stretched

Hello all,

I have a ring battery doorbell plus and have noticed in the last few weeks when viewing live view on ring.com the video is stretched. Normally there will be black borders either side of the live view as the doorball has the head to toe feature I am guessing? Looking at live view on the mobile app it seems to be ok, is there a problem with the website?

Hi @ryan806. Would you be able to share a screenshot or video of the issue you are seeing? This will help us better understand your concern and diagnose the root cause, if needed.

Strange, I just replied to another posting where the poster was concerned about being able to see the round lens in his doorbell videos.

When I just looked at my Video Doobell 3 Live View (and playback), the picture is quite round and has a fish-eye effect. I also think that I can see the round edges of the camera lens in the picture. I don’t recall the picture being quite so distorted like this before, and seeing the corner of the lens is definitely not how it was when I first got the camera a year or so ago. This occurs on both of my Android devices.

There is also another post titled “Wrong Aspect Ratio for Downloaded Videos” regarding a Ring Doorbell Plus. Seems odd that there are several recent posts about odd looking videos and pictures for Doorbell cams.

Screenshot of a live view of my Video Doorbell 3.

Hi @ryan806. Which web browser are you using, and have you adjusted the zoom setting on this browser at all? How does the Live View appear in the Ring app? Feel free to share a screenshot of that as well.

Hello Caitlyn,

I have tried both Chrome and Edge, both browsers have the default zoom setting. The ring app looks to be ok I think its just an issue with web live view, if I play back previous recorded motion on ring.com this looks normal as shown in my screenshots.

@ryan806 Thank you for that information. I’m checking in with my teams about this to clarify how the Live View should look. Thanks for your patience!

Hello, I have the exact same problem. What can be done so the live view on a web browser is so stretched out in live view? Thank you.

Same issue here too. On my Google Pixel 7 Pro everything works well, doesn’t matter if on App or in mobile browser. But on my computer browser the video is warped…

As of today it seems the issue has been resolved. The live image is not stretched anymore.

Hi neighbors. This concern has now been resolved. A fix has been released, and if not now, then within the next few days, your Live View should look normal on Ring.com.

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Thank you, looks better now!


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