Ring.com has blacklisted my home IP address

All access to ring.com, either from a browser or the Android app, are now returning a 406 with the text not acceptable. Connecting through a proxy has the system working as expected.

Things I have done:

  • Tried a different browser, behavior persists in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox
  • Cleared cookies and cache
  • Tested in normal and incognito/private mode

All attempts result in not acceptable if they originate from my home IP (Comcast cable modem). No VPN is present, but I do have access to a VPN and if I turn that on (thus changing my originating IP), everything works as expected.

Why is ring.com blacklisting Comcast cable modem IPs?

They aren’t. I’m using Comcast with no issues.
Something with your network setup, whether hardware or software is probably the cause of your issue.
You might try rebooting your modem/router and device to see if that helps clear it up.

From everything I’ve read, not acceptable is what you see when ring decides to blacklist your originating IP. I’ve power cycled my modem, but Comcast tends not to issue new IPs on power cycle, and didn’t, and thus it didn’t fix the problem.

This is not my network setup, and blaming the user for a server side problem isn’t a great way to handle things.

Tied chat support, they eventually gave up and told me I needed to call. I called, waited on hold while listening to ads for more ring.com services that aren’t going to work, and eventually got in touch with a rep. Explained my situation and then they hung up on me.

Now trying call number 2.

Spent an hour or so on the phone, got escalated a couple times, and then the issue was being taken to the technical team offline. I haven’t heard back, but everything is now working with no changes on my side (because, as I said above, it wasn’t a “my side” problem).

If Ring is going to be blacklisting consumer ISP IP ranges, they need to get a system together that can deal with what happens when they mistakenly blacklist someone. Up until the last technical representative, nobody had ever heard of that happening. A quick search of the forums here shows this isn’t that unusual, and Ring would do well do be able to deal with the problems that their systems intentionally create for their paying customers.