Ring.com and Notifications - Need clarification

I need some clarification about RIng.com and rich notifications.

Until about a month ago, I was getting the rich notifications even if I did not have Ring.com open in a browser window. Then it stopped. I had assumed that it was a glitch, or a setting that had somehow changed. However, by chance the other day I had Ring.com open in a browser window and the rich notifications were coming through.

Your website had specifically said that having a browser window open was not necessary. It was only required that you be logged in.

So, my question is will rich notifications only work if you have Ring.com open in a broswer window? And what changed recently?

Hi @WMRing. What operating system and version are you currently running? Additionally, which web browser are you using and what version is it?

I am on a laptop running Windows 11 and using Chrome. Both are updated.

@WMRing Thanks for confirming that. I’ve passed this information along to my team so they can review it further. I’d also recommend reaching out to our support team so they can document any additional information they may need. If you’ve already contacted our support team, you don’t need to do so again.

Thank you, but right now I’m just looking for information on what is intended with this feature. Are rich notifications only sent when the ring.com website is open in an active browser window?

Again, the website had specifically said that having a browser window open was not necessary. It was only required that you be logged in.

@WMRing Correct, Rich Notifications should be sent when logged in on Ring.com whether or not a browser tab is open. This is why I’ve sent this thread over to my team so they can take a look at the notification behavior. In the meantime I’d suggest keeping a Ring.com browser tab open to receive Rich Notifications as a temporary workaround.

If any other neighbors come to this thread because they’re experiencing a similar concern, please follow up with our support team so the necessary information about your operating system and browser can be gathered. Thanks for your patience in this matter.

@WMRing My team let me know the issue causing this has been resolved. I’d recommend clearing the cache for Ring.com and re-enabling browser notifications before testing it out again. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! This has been driving me crazy for several weeks now. Couldn’t figure out what caused it to stop. Just shortly before I checked this forum, a car entered our driveway and I received a rich notification just like before.

Again, thanks!

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