Ring Chime Not Reconnecting to Internet! Help?!

Hi everyone, hope you’re well!

My Ring Chime (2nd gen) isn’t reconnecting to the new internet we have.

I have gone into set up mode. The green light does pulsate. I then go into wifi settings as prompted and select the Ring Setup Wifi Network. It connects to that, but then nothing happens? If I go back to the app, it just says ‘the green light pulsating means that the device is in set u mode’ and if I wait on that page (as there are no othr buttons to press), it will ask me if the green light is pulsating. I click yes and then it takes me to the same page again where I go into wifi settings and connect to the Ring Setup Wifi Network!

I’ve also tried adding the chime as a new device but the same problem occurs - it just stays at the ‘if your green light is pulsating you are in a set up mode’

I would appreciate any help! It’s been quite annoying without a working chime!

I had a problem with mine not connecting to the wifi during set up, then, connecting to the wifi but no internet. I tried various things and nothing worked. Then I changed from using the iPhone to set it up to using a Galaxy tablet and it all connected fine.

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Thank you! It has now started working. I just left it unplugged for a few days and somehow it worked today!

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