Ring Chime Alert issue: It no longer notifies you that someone is at your door

Ring Chime Alert issue: It no longer notifies you that someone is at your door on your Alexa smart devices.

I have two Ring doorbell 3’s and a Ring Chime and Echo dot. The doorbell names are Front Door and Driveway Door. They are connected the latest Ring app on my cell phone which is a Galaxy s21 Ultra and to my Echo dot 3rd Gen.
My Echo dot and cell phone are both updated to latest app updates.

Whenever someone would ring either doorbell, an audible alert would make the default Ring sound on my Chime, my phone and the Echo dot. Then my phone and the Echo dot would both announce, “Someone is at your front door” or the “driveway door”, if a person rang that doorbell. This was very helpful to us, because we have two doors on either end of our home and it was difficult going from one end of the house to answer one door and then racing to the other to check the other door.

When I looked online years ago for a smart doorbell that differentiated with separate ring tones for each doorbell, I decided on Ring. In fact, at that time it was the only smart doorbell that allowed separate ring tones via the Ring and Alexa apps.

The problem now is that in the Ring app, the Chime tone, “Someone is at your Door” is no longer available and the ability to set individual tones for each doorbell has been removed as well. As a result of this change, we no longer have a way of knowing which which door is being rung.

I want to add that in the Alexa app on my cell phone, it has a setting that can be tweaked to alert you to the “Someone is at the door”

Hi @pchoustontx. I would recommend checking out this Community post here. The neighbors in that Community thread have had a similar concern and I’m sure you will be able to find a solution there.