Ring Car Cam

Does the new Ring Car Cam serve as a dash cam? That is, when the car is in motion, does it record video continuously as you drive?


I would also like to know how long are the stored clips? Stored on device and online? And does it have collision detection?

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Hey neighbors! The Ring Car Cam does record motion and video while you are driving. The video can be downloaded if you chose. You can learn more about the Car Cam here. Check out this Help Center article here to learn more about the Protect Go Plan and some FAQs.

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For the car cam, if i don’t have the LTE subscription, what happens to the recordings while im out and about? Do they not get recorded? Do they get recorded and get uploaded once in a wifi zone? Thanks.

Hi @user32821. The Car Cam can save videos locally to the device, which can be played back in the Ring app when the Car Cam is connected to wifi. A subscription to Ring Protect Go is required to download or share these videos, or store video highlights in the cloud to access anytime for up to 180 days.

Can the new Car Cam be easily uninstalled and reinstalled into another vehicle?

Hi @MAB3813. Yes, the Car Cam can be uninstalled and reinstalled into another vehicle. It may take a little bit of time to untuck and tuck the wires back in when installing the Car Cam in a different car, as these are tucked away for safety reasons. We should have more information on our Help Center once the Car Cam is released. It is currently available for pre-order in the US, with orders set to ship between 2/26 - 3/8 at this time. :slight_smile:

So the car cam can only work if it’s parked outside your house with Wi-Fi. If I’m shopping and my car is in a car park and someone hits it I won’t get notified until I see my car or when I get home and park outside my house with Wi-Fi. If my car is parked down the road from my house and someone breaks in to my car, I won’t know until I go to my car to go out.
I don’t think they thought this through properly. This car cam should work the same as the ring doorbell but it doesn’t.

I have called Ring support twice and they stated the Car Cam is not weather or waterproof. Be warned even if it says it works for your vehicle if you own something like a Jeep or Convertible you aren’t going to want to purchase this.

Hi @user33867. A Ring Protect Go subscription is required to stay notified about and check in on your vehicle when it’s on the go. Otherwise, if events occur while your vehicle is away from your home wifi, your notifications will be queued up and delivered to you once Car Cam re-connects to your home wifi. See here for more information on Ring Protect Go subscriptions. This is because the Car Cam cannot communicate with the Ring app without an internet connection, either via your home wifi or through the data provided by the Ring Protect Go subscription.

Is there any other mounting options (instead of the adhesive)? For example the Ford Bronco has an “accessory ready” 1/4-20 thread in the center of the dash. I would be looking to mount onto that.
Does that mounting bracket come off the Ring Car Cam? Thanks!

Hi @WAM2170. There is currently no other way to mount the Ring Car Cam other than using the adhesive, and you cannot remove the mounting bracket from the camera.

Regarding the ring car cam not being weatherproof complaint…

What??? This doesn’t make sense. The cam is mounted low on windshield at the dashboard. In a convertible it would be protected from rain by the windshield unless windshield is completely vertical or there’s a driving rainstorm into your vehicle but then why would you have your top down? Additionally every other electronic item like for instance a radar detector or for that matter your phone mounted to your dashboard is going to have a problem with the weather as well. And of course why would you leave your top down when you park your car which invites thieves to easily steal such electronic devices attached to your windshield or dashboard?

I own a Jeep. i spend much of the year with no top and doors on. Everything in my vehicle is weatherproof including camera I currently use now. A convertible or Jeep with a top down is always at risk of a sudden rain shower. It’s the nature of the vehicle and they are designed for it. To say a device works in such a vehicle it should at least be water resistant or just say it can’t be used in them or make a disclaimer.

I own multiple Ring devices and pay for the monitoring. Do I need to pay for another subscription fee for the car cams? I ordered two. If so, I do not see why they cannot add them into the regular Ring Protect Plus plan. Or at least combine the two and charge me an extra $10 a month or whatever.

Hi @RULINGCHAOS. See the above answer.

Yeah, you forgot to mention the “semi” permanent adhesive on the mount. How is that easily moved to a different car?

Yea, it records the inside of the vehicle. I have yet to record anything from the front camera. If you use the command Alexa, record. It either does nothing at all or thinks you are in a traffic stop and records the inside. If there is a way to record from the front camera please enlighten us as to how that is done. I’ve been working for this thing for two days now and can’t record anything from the front. If you close the privacy window you can do a live view but when you go to play back that live recording it says can not play video, the privacy view is covered LOL

Both cameras record. There is an icon to switch between the two views of a recording.

Does anyone know what battery voltage the camera shuts off at ? My owl cam was either 12.0 or 11.7 and would last for 2 days. The ring dash cam barely last 3 hrs and shuts off to “preserve battery”