Ring Car Cam pre-order ship date

When I pre-ordered the Car Cam on 1/6, the ship date was estimated to be during the last week in February. The product page now says “Estimated July shipping”. Has the product release been delayed, or is the July date for pre-orders placed now?

Also concerned. Ordered mine through Ring with “July shipping” and now on Amazon they say it will be released February 15. Should have ordered through Amazon?

If you pre order through Amazon now, delivery is stated to be May 3 - July 11.

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Hi @EasyRhino. To address your concern, we recommend reviewing your order confirmation to determine the estimated delivery date. If there are any changes to the estimated delivery date, you will receive an email with an updated time frame.


This is exactly correct. Looks like the new July arrival is for people who recently ordered. My expected delivery is still expected for February.


Yes, I order mine yesterday and i got delivery date July. That is nuts. So we have to wait 5 months.