Ring car cam on screen icons don't meet a11y needs

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The user interface of the Ring app for the car cam does not meet accessible design standards. The fact that many people seem to be unaware an icon to switch views even exists on the Ring car cam is proof enough that these on screen icons fail ADA / WCAG / Section 508 laws. Further, Ring / Amazon may even be in violation of compliance with the FCC’s Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA.)

Do better Ring.

How do you switch views? I’ve been trying to google and find out and can’t figure it out!

When you are viewing a video in your ring app timeline or a live view there is an icon of a camera with two arrows in the middle. ( Arrow in the middle of the camera lens like a selfie cam icon) Pressing this icon should switch between views (unless you have downloaded a clip. The downloaded clip is only on one view.)

The icon can be super hard to see as it lacks appropriate contrast. Especially if you are using a view where the icon is placed over light sky or clouds.

And it seems the default views are inside cam. Would rather it be outside

Yeah it took me a while to figure it out too… but if that were it’s only problem I feel lucky at this point because it has so many other more serious problems like the fact that it shuts itself off after a few minutes when you park your car telling you that there’s a problem with your car battery even though you’re driving a brand new car with 7,000 miles on it.

Hi neighbors, thank you for sharing your feedback regarding the visibility of the camera switch icon. We appreciate your input, and are always working on improving our products and services to provide a better customer experience. I’ve passed this feedback along to my team.

For any troubleshooting concerns, please create a new topic providing a few details on what you’re experiencing. This will make it easier for a member of the Community team to find your question. Thank you!

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