Ring Car Cam - Issues with accessing recording on cloud

I realize the new Ring Car Cam is new but there are some bugs with how to access the videos of your drive. First off, I can’t seem to access the recordings because my cam is turned off to conserve battery. But shouldn’t the recording be saved on the cloud and not necessary the camera be on? Also, I tried to download a video recording of a drive, and it said it could not download because the file size was too large. When I tried to cut the video down to a downloadable size, I got a notification that my video would be ready for download shortly. Still waiting now over 24 hours with no updates. Lots of bugs!! If this isn’t going to work I’ll just return it.


I have the same issue, called ring support and they told me that engineers are working on it.

Same issues here your not the only one.

Hey Neighbors. Thank you for your feedback on this. I’ve shared this insight with my team, and rest assured, they are looking into it. If you have any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you for your patience while we look into this for you.

Same thing! U call support they know nothing. All they do is collect all of our issues. Cant access anything if the camera is off line due to poor cell connection! Crap ! Returned yesterday after spending 5 hours on w support after several calls! DONE!

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Wasted my 1.5hr on call, and support person was not even aware of the video storage. On top, just reading from online on how to access, even after explaining that I am not able to access when device is OFF.

Hi neighbors, I’d like to offer some clarification here. Ring Car Cam supports two methods to capture recorded events: local and cloud storage. Drive events automatically begin recording at the beginning of a drive and are always stored locally. To view and download locally stored video, the Car Cam must be powered and connected to wifi or LTE.

A Ring Protect Go subscription enables Cloud Highlights, which capture the beginning of Motion and Traffic Stop events and immediately upload video to the cloud for immediate access. The remaining portion of a Motion or Traffic Stop event is locally stored. As a result, individual Motion and Traffic Stop events in Event History and Timeline are be made up of a local and cloud events. Live View events are always uploaded to the cloud and can thus act as Cloud Highlights.

You can find an overview of video storage and event types for the Car Cam here. If you’re running into any issues viewing Cloud Highlights or local video, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here for further troubleshooting assistance.

I don’t understand the value then of purchasing the Ring Protect Go plan here. If I were to get in a car accident, and the camera is damaged or totaled with the vehicle, how am I supposed to access the camera footage leading up to the accident if it does not save this footage to the cloud?

I had a previous dash camera where this was an issue. It only saved footage to a local internal drive, and it was all destroyed when I was hit head-on driving down a highway. I had another dash camera that stored video, speed and location data locally, and it had a removable micro SD card, so you could literally rip the storage drive out, regardless of its functional state.

I purchased the Ring Car Cam because of the ease-of-installation, and because it was compatible with my hybrid vehicle’s electrical system. However, it’s very narrow forward facing field of view and this discussed lack of consistent cloud storage is giving me cause for concern. This camera seems to perform similarly to many entry-level dash cameras for the price of a premium camera!

When I first received my Car Cam I could replay video from the cloud that was not stored on the device itself. Then after 3/11/23 it appears none of the video is uploaded to the cloud they all remain stored on the car cam itself locally. I am subscribed to the Ring Protect Go system and should have LTE connectivity when wifi is not available when the cam is powered up. I would like to know why this is happening and how to get it fixed like it used to be. There is absolutely ZERO cloud updates of any kind being uploaded to my dashboard.

Getting ready to return the camera, the battery saving option is absolute BS. If my battery dies, i have devices to charge it back up. I need this to record every event, absolute worthless if my car is broken in to and nothing is recorded because its conserving battery… whats the point!? At least give us an option to turn on or off battery consumption. My camera turns off after 10mins from shutting the car off… why!? The battery is brand new!

Trying to download videos doesn’t work 90% of the time and when it does decide to work, it’s a measly 20 seconds. WTF is up with that? Why is it that with floodlight and doorbell cameras, you can download the whole clip, but the dashcam is just 20 seconds? The whole thing is starting to feel like a waste of money. The cellular connection is super weak, reminds me of the Walmart pay per minute cell phones. Ring did a piss poor job with this device.

Well it looks like this issue was never fixed because I have the same issues and this topic is a year old. I pay for the connect plan and can not access any videos nor does my device connect via LTE. I will not be renewing my plan and this device is as good as a paper weight if you can not access the videos on it.

Hi @Arod0326. I’d highly recommend getting in touch with our support team to troubleshoot the concerns you’re experiencing with your Car Cam. We can only provide general troubleshooting assistance on the Ring Community, while our support team can take a closer look at things.

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