Ring captured motion and did not record

I had a robbery crime happened a while ago this Ring battery spotlight is having trouble recording the happening we would have lead of the face of the criminal. The problem is that ring had turned on the light as it captured the motion of the criminal but did not record the happening. It then records after we got captured by its motion. It suppose to guard our house but the sense of doing it is gone. What seems to be the problem?

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Hi @user19622. I’m sorry to hear about what happened. In the Ring app, check the Device Health page for your Spotlight Cam to check the signal strength. If your Camera has a weak or unstable signal, you may experience recording issues. If the signal strength looks good, then you can try a quick reboot of your Spotlight Cam from the Device Health page. The reboot will take a few moments. Review your motion settings to make sure everything is set to your preferences, and then monitor the Camera’s performance.