Ring can't do live video? What?

I picked up the newest door ringbell for the express purpous of having live feed on my PC. Every other security system company I turned down for Ring has live video on PC. Why isn’t this a feature? Like what???

I’m in the same boat. Bought a Video Doorbell Wired, which is not supported in the Windows app, and the browser-based access only has past recordings, not Live View. Disappointed.

I guess I’m backing out of the Ring subscription / additional cameras and going with somebody else. Blown away they wouldn’t allow the one main feature needed for multi camera security system.

Hi neighbors, we understand your frustration and appreciate your feedback. You can now access Live View from your Ring.com account through your supported web browser. Depending on what device you have, this feature update allows you to use two-way talk, enable sound, activate your siren, or turn on the lights.

Once again, we do appreciate your feedback on the discontinuation of the Ring Desktop app and we will be sharing it with our team. Please see our Help Center article here for more info on this. Thank you for your understanding!