Ring cams no longer connect to WiFi extenders

Hi, we have 2 Ring floodlight cams and they will no longer connect to the WiFi extenders. When I try to connect it gets to about 95% and then says there’s a problem with my internet. I’ve seen previous threads on this but couldn’t see a solution. Our WiFi signal is so weak the cameras are almost rendered useless. I’m not tech savvy at all, so if anyone can help can you tell me in simple terms :grinning:. Thanks

Hi @user74874. What wifi extenders are you using? Third-party extenders or Chime Pros?

Third party, TP link. They’ve worked fine for almost 3 years and now just won’t connect at all.

@user74874. I recommend making sure the WiFi extenders are still working correctly by connecting a different device to them, like a tablet or TV, and verifying they work with the extenders to access the web or stream a show. Let me know what happens.