Ring cameras offline in night

I have an indoor cam ( wired ) a ring door bell ( battery ) and a floodlight cam on the garage ( wired ) in the early hours of morning my floodlight cam generally looses connection and the light comes on for 30 seconds at a guess. The indoor cam will do the same but the doorbell doesn’t it stays connected. Any other device connected to the WiFi at the same time is still connected ( ie phones , iPad ) I bought a net gear router extender but that’s had little impact . Very strange how wired items loose connection at same time with no evidence of power loss ?

Long time ago I had a dawn/dusk sensor on my porch light. Sure enough my household WiFi would flake out when the porch light would go on and would be fine once it turned off.
Might you have something similar turning on in the evening about the same time to cause interference? Maybe a neighbor has a light that interferes?