Ring cameras not detected with Echoshow 8

Hi, I received an Echoshow 8 today and having difficulty setting up my Ring Door Videocam on the Echoshow 8. On my phone, under the Alexa app I am able to find and show the Video Doorbell. However, when I try ‘Alexa Discover Devices’ on the Echoshow 8 it states that there are no devices found.

Hi @user40948. If your Ring Doorbell is already showing in your Alexa app, and you’re able to set up a Routine or display the Live View, you do not need to have Alexa discover it again. Having Alexa discover devices is when you have added a new device and need it to be visible in the Alexa app. You can learn more about the Ring and Alexa integration here. I hope this helps!

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