Ring Cameras no longer record entire history

Am I the only that is having the issue where I can no longer view any point in history with my Ring camera? I have the ring protection plan and I used to be able to yet every rep says that we were never able to and its not a feature. What a joke this place is. Who else has this experience, any thoughts?

Hi @unbrokenlink. Can you clarify what type of history you’re looking for from your Camera? Our Cameras and Video Doorbells don’t record 24/7, so you cannot view activity unless a motion was detected or the Live View was accessed. There is also the Snapshot Capture feature (only available when subscribed to a Ring Protect Plan) which allows you to get a good overview of what’s happening around your home between notifications and motion alerts. You can read more about Snapshot Capture in our Help Center Article here. :slight_smile: