Ring cameras missing events

I recently upgraded my Wi Fi service to an 850 gigabyte ( I wanted the 1 terabyte but was talked out of it) I did it for 2 reasons, 1 I was thinking about getting another camera, and 2 (most important) I wanted to show how flawed Ring’s system can be. Right now my RSSI on both of my cameras are 38 and 39 yet I’m still having the same issues I had before the upgrade. At 8:35 this morning my stick up cam missed 2 events. Yesterday I had a weak signal error on Rapid Ring. I still get random freezing on events that last less than a second, but it’s still freezing. My router is less than 20 feet away from the cameras and there are no extenders connected. I’m always being told by Ring…check your wi fi, check your connections. It’s always something wrong on my end but never on Rings end. I really need somebody to explain to me what’s going on

I can go out to get mail through my front door and will only trigger the Ring camera one time. Sometimes I get notification on my iPhone but no jingle on my Amazon Echo. Sometimes I just get nothing. I mean the Ring device is basically 10 feet from my router and yet it’s really getting more unreliable and not sure if it’s the cold weather? Or what is the problem? It’s hard wired so can’t be a battery issues and power surges or fluctuations not an issue. Certainly, wireless stuff in general can be unreliable and it definitely proving it.

Since I posted this back in March I’m still getting the stuttering video. The missed events aren’t as often (but how do I know if they’re missed) I’m content with I proved my point. Ring is more worried about selling than upgrading their app. Stop asking me to buy stuff and fix the app. But i guess you already have my money huh?

Hi neighbors! As everyone’s home environment and wifi network will vary, you may need to try different troubleshooting steps whenever you’re experiencing any concerns with the performance of your Ring device. In regards to missed events, you might need to do some trial and error with the motion settings on your Ring device to find what works best for you.

  • Try adjusting the Motion Zones to make sure all of the areas you want to be notified about are covered. Several different zones usually work better than one large zone.
  • Check the Motion Frequency settings if you have a battery powered Ring device. This includes Doorbells that are battery powered but have been wired into a doorbell system, as they are still battery powered and this setting still applies.
  • If your video pauses, stutters, or gets frozen and your wifi speed meets the minimum standards, you can try rebooting your router. Unplug your router, wait 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. It should take three to four minutes to reboot and then test your Ring device again and see if there’s any difference.

We have more troubleshooting steps for poor video quality in our Help Center Article here. For motion detection, it will mostly come down to trial and error with your settings as well as setting the right expectations for your device’s behavior. If your concerns persist, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile:

Typical Ring response. Never their infrastructure, always YOUR phone, YOUR WIFI

Ring is purposely not recording my history at night. i was getting great notifications from everything . every car and movement . my settings are max sensitivity and i changed nothing. I started to notice i wasn’t getting history at night from 7:30 pm till like 6 or 7 in the morning . called ring and they made adjustments to my settings. No better. So i bought a second ring , the same model ring wired, put them side by side all night and the same thing . It’s a pattern that they are either deleting them , or not recording on purpose to save space.

we have the same problem, have tried all possible setting, but it does noy even pick up the postman putting letters through our front door. I have found it impossible to get in touch with a human being. Can’t find an email address. We bought it purely to catch vandals at our front door, no good to us at all like this

I have been a long time user of Ring and have had a number of what I would call nuisance problems with the battery camera’s ability to capture images effectively.

In my opinion, aside from needing strong Wifi connectivity beyond what Ring says is a good RSSI, the problem is the sensor’s poor sensitivity to certain kinds of motion. 1) It is InfraRed, not visible light, 2) the IR has a much smaller aperture than the visual video and 3) even smaller sensitivity than the motion setting frames that you set. That is why they Ring add motion sensitivity. You problem is you don’t see what you get. Ring says Trial and Error. Wtf?

Fast walking couriers on my walkway are often missed but I do see them leaving. Why? It is because when they walk up they have a fainter heat signature at a farther distance away than when they leave, which is when they are closer to the camera they pass.

I have no resolution for this thread. I have large garbages trucks go by that trigger the camera, but skip walkers coming up the walkway. I conclude It’s the sensor technology.