Ring Cameras help notification is not disappearing

This is a bug and this is really easy issue to reproduce. I don’t know how your QA team can miss that… I don’t have a garage, obviously I don’t have a garage door. For this reason I don’t need to setup Key Delivery. But I still have this stupid notification and I not able to remove it. I have tap on it, I have downloaded application for account which you have redirect to. I have tap on Learn more and wait (just in case), I have cleared data and force stop application. I’m paying for your service and I have paid for Ring doorbell it self, but I still facing a lot of issue with your application. Please fix it as soon as possible as this red dot on top is getting me nuts. Otherwise, I heard that google offered a good product without such stupid bugs. Hire normal QA or increase their salary!

Hi @Moeteiru. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the notification that you’re seeing in the Ring App? I’d be happy to take a look and see what helpful suggestions I can offer once I have a better idea of exactly which issue you’re running into. :slight_smile: