Ring cameras disconnecting

Is anyone else having issues with cameras disconnecting and not allowing live feeds when the toggle on app shows that live feeds are enabled.

@Ajones wrote:
Is anyone else having issues with cameras disconnecting and not allowing live feeds when the toggle on app shows that live feeds are enabled.

Hello @Ajones ,

If this just started happening to your cameras today, it may be related to the Ring outage: https://status.ring.com/

Most of us could not login or even open our Ring Apps or get on Ring.com, and even Ring Support telephones were down. Officially, Ring has not fully restored everyone’s systems yet. Some of us now have been fully restored. Some people were partially restored but were unable to get “Live View” until later. Even fully restored people had some of their settings a little changed, such as Shortcut Tiles rearranged. And still, some people are still waiting for their Ring issues to be restored, so they are waiting for the fix to reach their area.

Since the main Ring computer server had issues, try ‘resending’ your preferred settings back to the main server by toggling them to another setting and saving, and then wait about 30-seconds, and then put your desired settings back and save. Your settings are stored on the Ring server under your Ring email account, not actually on your phone, so it is possible that what settings you see on your phone aren’t actually what is on your stored account.

On the other hand, if your connection and Live View issues were occurring before today, then typically “Live View” issues are Wi-Fi related, and you did say your cameras started disconnecting from the Wi-Fi. But if your Wi-Fi is unchanged and “Live View” had been working fine for a long time, there are some steps I would initially start with (and try the next steps if the issue persists) :

  • Temporarily unplug/remove the power source to your Ring Device about a minute and then restore power and wait for the device to “wake” back up again.
  • Reset your Wi-Fi router.
  • The Ring App that you are using to get the “Live View”, such as your smartphone, try closing the Ring App and cycling that smartphone off and then back on.
  • Tap the reset button on your Ring Device.
  • Try the steps outlined in this link: https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/214750126-Ring-App-is-Having-Trouble-Showing-Video-and-No…
  • Try a hard Factory Reset on your Ring device by pressing and holding the Reset button for 20-seconds which will automatically start a setup, and the complete the setup procedures again.
  • If the above steps do not fix the issue, call Ring Support for additional help at:


Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19, their available hours have been changed also:


I hope you find this information helpful. :slight_smile:


Thank you @Boone. It is still connected to my internet just not showing live feeds on some of my cameras. I will check on it later to see if things are restored the rest of the way. I didn’t realize that ring was having issues today. Just glad it wasn’t just me. Thank you again for the info.

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I am very disappointed with this camera. Shameful for a brand like Amazon. The sound is awful, the picture takes a long time to appear, no wired network connection, and too often has to be reconfigured. I will resell it and return to my Chinese videophone which ultimately worked better and did not require a monthly subscription and allowed me to open the port in addition. I am changing for more effective communication and this is far from the case. On the forums, there are only people with problems whose sound has never been solved learning. The additional price is not given compared to the competition, which is increasingly numerous. This is what I wanted to say about my purchase and the brand that does not deserve its reputation