Ring Cameras connect to my Wifi or Base Station

I currently have an alarm company whose name starts with A and ends with T. I hate how my cameras are always failing. They fail because they connect to the Gateway’s Wifi, not my home Wifi (which has a wonderful Eero mesh system).

I am wondering if the Ring cameras connect to my home Wifi network, or do they connect to the Ring Base Station? I’m thinking of switching over my cameras and everything to Ring and want to make sure they will be better and not have the same problem.

Glad you asked @mrcannon! Our Video Doorbell and Camera devices will certainly connect to your in home network. Eero is an excellent network solution to use for our devices.

The Ring Base Station will only be needed with the Ring Alarm system, as it is used to connect and communicate to your Alarm devices. Same goes for Smart Lighting and the Smart Lighting Bridge. Ultimately, anything Camera enabled will connect directly to wifi! :slight_smile:

If the cameras only connect to WiFi, does that mean that if the power goes out and the wifi connection dies that the cameras will essentially go dead to? Ideally it would use the base stations connection to allow for recording.

Hi @MichaelT. If there is no active wifi connection, your cameras will be offline. Once your wifi is restored, you cameras will reconnect and resume normal operation. The Base Station does have a cellular backup, but this is used to communicate with the monitoring station, and not a connection source for you cameras. I hope this information helps!