Ring camera

Hi, my spotlight camera won’t power up, it has been working previously, I’ve inserted the fully charged battery but I’m getting no response from it, no lights, nothing, I’ve tried the 30 second reset but still no power.
Any ideas please??

I am having THE SAME EXACT issue !

I have charged the battery, pressed the reset button, reset my wi-fi - nothing works.

My device will not power on.

Hey neighbors! If you are having a concern with your device not powering up after charging it to full and also performing a reset, please reach out to our support team here.

I have the same problem. they say ring us. they never answer

i also have 1 cam that keeps saying the battry door is open. support said send a pic so i did. again they wont come back to me even though i eamil as well.

come on ring sort it out

@shaun We currently are not allowing for email support at this time. You will need to make sure you give our team a call at any of the numbers here in order to get this addressed.