Ring Camera (wired) Motion Issue

My ring camera is pointing out a window and doesn’t seem to be picking up motion.
I have the settings on the camera set to max and have the zones enabled.
I’ve tested it a few times walking outside and waving etc but it no motion is being detected.

Any suggestions?


Hey @pete4. Our cameras will have limited functionality when looking out of a window. The window causes a reflective surface, and when paired with the IR filters, PIR motion detection and the settings that you have it at, it will be unable to detect motion from the other side of the window and capture accurately. Neighbors will run into little to no motion detection, or overactive detection from any reflective lights on the windows. We advise that any camera that is supposed to be viewing an area outside be placed outdoors, and vice versa for indoor coverage to have the device looking indoors from inside. Hope this helps clear this up for you! :slight_smile: