Ring camera save

I just wanted to share a Ring camera save story. I have 4 ring cameras that I’ve had for years: two original version spotlight cams, one original version floodlight cam and a new solar powered stick up cam… One spotlight cam is inoperable at the moment due to storm damage, but after this weekend I’m definitely going to replace it.

My elderly mother lives with me. She has health issues and can’t live on her own safely. I originally bought the cams for security purposes. But at 3am Saturday night/Sunday though, they turned into life alert cams.

My mother got up at 3 am to let her Yorkie out to go pee. As she was standing at the door, she passed out and hit her head on the concrete and knocking her out completely. The motion alert caught her falling and I heard the tones which woke me up. Finding your mother on camera in a fetal position on the ground at 3am is pretty shocking. Usually it’s a cat or other critter. Needless to say there was a 9-1-1 call made and an ambulance ride that night.

She’s genwrally ok, but also broke her back in the fall. Had it not been for that motion alert by the camera, my mother would have lain there all night long, and the outcome could have been worse! I’ve been putting off replacing that old spotlight cam at the carport. But now, I think I need to!

***so glad I had these cameras!


Amazing story! Thanks for sharing!


Hi @Dfwrere. Thank you for sharing this story with us, our team is happy to hear that our cameras were able to help you get your Mother help sooner. We hope she has a speedy recovery! If you are open to it, we would appreciate the chance to connect with you to hear more about this story and possibly share it with our Ring community. If you could please connect with us through this email submissions@ring.com. Thank you for your time and for being a great neighbor!