Ring Camera offline unable to connect with 2 fully charged batteries


I’ve had my Ring Camera (outdoor wireless model powered by two batteries) for many years now and it just started giving me trouble.

Both batteries are fully charged and I’m unable to connect and setup the camera after multiple attempts of holding down the button on the top and going through the setup each time.

Do these things eventually go bad? Not sure if I should try new batteries or a whole new camera - both of which are $$ and I’m not sure if it will fix the issue.

Anyone else have this problem?

Hi there, @scottystang! Are there no lights showing at all? If there is no response from your Camera, the next best step will be to check the battery hatch is clear of any debris, batteries are charged and inserted all the way, and the hatch door is fully closed.

Resetting is a great step, but should not be necessary for each setup attempt. Try performing the setup on another mobile device, as well as bring the Camera closer to the router just for the initial setup and update, if possible. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: