Ring camera notification person or motion

I have an issue with camera notification. I’ve tried posting my concern twice in the neighbors section, to put the question to the community to see if anyone else has noticed or experienced the same thing, but was shot down both times by the monitor police because the content did not fit their rules.

Issue at hand:
If a vehicle stops in front of your house/driveway, and a person gets out and walks in to the yard or up the driveway, the camera does not record the event as a “Person” detected . It only records it as “Motion” detected. Consequently, you will not receive a notification on your phone. This is a serious flaw in the cameras ability to distinguish between the two.

I have had several recordings of deliveries being made where the vehicle stops at the driveway, the driver gets out, walks up the driveway, makes the delivery and returns to the vehicle. NO PERSON IS DETECTED! The action is only recroded as motion. Today, 11-11-23, UPS stopped to make a delivery, got out of the vehicle, made the delivery and went back to the vehicle to retrieve a second package. So, he walked up and down the driveway twice.

Both events were recorded as motion only, not as a person. So, no notification is sent.
This is a serious flaw in the operation of the camera.

A Ring owner posted a video captured by their ring camera that showed a pickup truck stopping at their driveway, late at night or early morning, getting out, running up the driveway, checking the vehicle doors, running next door to check their car doors, then running across the street to check their doors before getting back in his truck and driving away.

If this families camera acted as I suspect it did, that whole event was recorded as motion only and no notification would have been sent letting them know an intruder is present.

There are TWO flaws with this scenario.

  1. Cameras mode of detection needs to be reconfigured because it is a serious flault.
  2. The interdiction of the “POSTING POLICE” prohibiting this to be posted to the neighbors is just as bad, if not worse.

This is a security issue. That’s why we have the cameras. They won’t allow something so important the it could have serious repercussions, but they haveno problem allowing endless post for stranges cats and dogs wondering through the yard, debrise on some road, why is a helicopter flying overhead, did anyone hear sirens… where are they going, wha going on at the Dollar Store, and any number of endless, petty posts better off being displayed on some social media site.

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You are Correction on your Article I believe your Posting Police must get a Point for observing your Neighborhood Area They probably call City Enforcement if a Bird Craps on a Mail Box so much for Homeowners Association’s