Ring camera not working

I have two Ring cameras. The 30 day basic trial expired Friday. The same day, both cameras stopped working altogether. It was advertized that cameras would work as stand-alone. I then enrolled one of the cameras in the basic program for one year, but both camers still will not work. The cameras show as being “online” and device health for signal strength shows as good. and battery power is from 96 to 98%. Both cameras are on the same wi-fi network as before (same as cell phone and home wi-fi network). Did something go wrong with Ring programming at home office?

Well, it is Saturday and both cameras are up and working. Most likely it was a problem with the Ring Server. Since both cameras are independent of each other, they both should not have gone down at the same time, and now, both have come back up. This leads me to believe it was their server. A new problem has arisen. Of the two cameras, I only signed up for the basic program for one camera and allowed the other to lapse. Whenever there is motion in the camera with no basic program, there is no going back to view the event, as expected, however, although it does list the activation, it does not allow me to go back and erase it, so the events just keep adding up.

Thank you for sharing your experience @cgmartine! Your Cameras should operate as normal even if not subscribed, aside from the saving of recordings, of course. As a lot of these symptoms sound to be experienced in the app, I recommend removing the Ring app from your mobile device and reinstalling it.

Please also ensure both of your devices are assigned to the same location within the Ring app. If you continue to experience the concern with your recordings, our support team will be able to assist best with next steps! :slight_smile: