Ring Camera not recording

I have a ring camera that doesn’t seem to be functioning normally or I have a setting that is not correct.

  1. I have the camera set to take a snapshot every 14 minutes. This is not happening.
  2. I have a person who is shown in the camera, then the next time I see a live version that person is gone with no video of that person coming or going!
  3. My motion setting covers the entire room so there is no reason for the camera not to capture movement and record it- Advanced Motion Detection is on, so recording shouldn’t end (it never started) until movement stops.

Hi @user1353. What is the RSSI for this camera? If you have a strong RSSI, features like the Snapshot Capture should be working properly. For your Motion Settings, you may need to adjust your Motion Frequency. This determines the amount of dwell time between recordings. You can find more information about this feature here.