Ring camera not notifying

We have a full ring system, door bell, back camera, house alarm - the lot and pay the subscription monthly as advised by the ring team.

However, the ring doorbell is really bad, our Wi-Fi connection is strong and located next to the front door and ring bell. Regardless of us doing everything we can do we often miss ring notifications of people at our door and only get notifications after they have left and the ring bell does not capture all interactions.

Our areas have been set accurately since the day we got the bell and we have it covering the front path and garden correctly, however one instance of this was a delivery man who broke our front door letter box and despite there being a deliver at the house and the door being broken, there was no evidence of this on the camera although this area should have been clearly covered by the settings.

This has happened several times since.

We have adjusted all settings to the most active and covered all areas yet we don’t get full coverage or notifications in time.

When I try to communicate with ring I can’t get through to a human just a robot offering me unhelpful solutions that do not solve any relevant issues.

Does anyone have any idea how I get in touch with somebody to actually resolve the problem or why this may be happening?

Hi @user58622. For your concern, you may also want to try the following steps::

If you have tried these steps and are still having the same concern, give our support team a call for further assistance. There should be prompts that lead you to speak to one of our support agents. You can also reach out to our support team on Facebook or Twitter(X) by sending a private message to @Ring

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