Ring camera names mixup

Strangely, I changed the name of some of my cameras but in the app the ring noises still giving me the previous names, so for some reasons their software misses users updates, one of the reasons why most of the time it no longer work.
So, let me guess what they would come up as a solution, remove the device to install it again.
It is obviously a very bad written software they cannot correct because their last main programmer left and I presume knowledge is scarce so they prefer giving ring a bad name instead of having bugs fixed.

Hi @PatriciaMarchand. What type of phone are you using and what version of the Ring app is installed? When changing the name of your Ring device, be sure that you are tapping the “Save” button, located in the upper right hand corner.

What about for your team to check all the bugs reported? Would this not be a good idea?!
I described how to recreate the problem, but here it is again.
In general settings, click device name. Change the name, press save
Go to notification settings
Click app alert tones
Click motion alerts
See the name of the camera has not changed there, this means that your camera notification alerts might not always work, especially if it is a ring door bell.

Hi @PatriciaMarchand. The names of the Cameras found in the App Alert Tones are pre-set and cannot be changed. Meaning changing the name of your Cameras will not change the App Alert Tones. If you are having on-going concerns about not receiving notifications, give our support team a call for further assistance.

So when I denounce the true you hide the posts. I snapshot and emailing it to your uk managing director as well as your last programmer.
And you carry on ticking solution though I did not do such a thing!

Here it is, please tell me if you don’t understand, feel free to ask.
Is the following not the true?

Ring main programmer left, sold parts to amazon 3rd party?
Following the above another programmer stepped in unfortunately he/she does not understand where modules are and the connections, so he cannot solve the bugs.

To see one of the unresolved bug, on android samsung
From settings
Click notifications
Scroll to end of screen and click ‘see all’
When all apps are displayed click Ring
See the list of your rings
If you have not changed the name of your ring camera you might be ok but if you have, as I did, the list will show you old names but not the names of your current cameras.
So the programmer would need to look at the module to apply the change of names for the notifications sounds to work on the app.

Is this not the true?