Ring Camera loses connection with Xfinity Router (xb7)

I saw some post earlier regarding this issue before but I’m posting again… ever so often the XB7 updates/resets and the Ring camera will lose connection and I have to open the unit to reset the Ring and get the connection established - this is a cruel joke; pretty much renders the device useless especially when you’re away and worse if you’re on vacation. It defeats the main purpose of investing in this product line.

I’m a technical person and also aware that both parties are finger-pointing at each other. This is happened 3 times already and I was on the verge of buying more Ring products but … have instead decided to sell this device and give my business to a more responsive company.

Hi @user44691. Routers can vary widely in their settings and operation, which can sometimes impact the connection with your Ring devices. Typically, Ring devices will automatically reconnect to wifi after a temporary outage. If the device is unable to automatically reconnect, you would have to manually reconnect it in the Ring app. This usually happens if the signal is not strong enough, or the Ring device is too far from the wifi router.

Since this has been a persistent issue, it could be due to some of the network settings. To fully troubleshoot this, I would suggest following up with our support team and requesting to speak with advanced technical support. They can take a deeper dive into the network settings to see what could be causing these disconnecting issues.