Ring camera looses WIFI

Hello, We have a Ring Video Doorbell Pro hard wired to door bell transformer. We are on the 2nd floor of a condo building. For the last week, people we know came to visit in unit below ours. At that time it seems like our Ring doorbell would loose WIFI for hours at a time. It is hooked to a Chime which is 20 feet away. Since they left this morning it appears all is working fine. What kind of WIFI equipment would knock us off line so frequently for about a week? Thank you.

Hi @TomPhilbrick. It’s difficult to say what might have happened. I would check with your neighbors to see if they were also experiencing problems with their internet at that time.

Solution was to unplug and plug the Chime back in!

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Hey @TomPhilbrick, glad to hear you were able to get this resolved! :slight_smile: