Ring camera lights coming on during daylight hours?

So I am sat here at 18:15 hrs. Sundown is offficially at 20:51hrs and it I still very uhh daylight butt with movement my back yard Spotlight cameras have turned on their lights.

How do I go abou changing this? What sets the light tolerance levels? Is it from a device sensor or time based? If it is time based I would suggest that it is failing to take into acccount daylight savings and summer time.

Good question @Arn_Oli! These lights will turn on when it is dark. It might be that the environment on one side of your home is a little darker, or gets dark sooner, than the other. Check out our help center article for more tips on controlling the lights on you Spotlight Cam. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Sadly I have checked the article and there is nothing in there about tuning when the lights come on.

This is an issue every day with the spotlights coming on when it isn’t dark. Like I said about two hours too early. Either side of the house or facing towards the sun has no affect.

I can see no way to adjust this and it is clearly an issue with the inbuilt camera software settings. If there was some form of diagnostics I would be interested to see what the cameras believe the brightness/lux to be. You didn’t mention if the cameras determine “night” from a light sensor or local time.